not just a berry, a lifestyle…

June 13th, 2008 · 30 Comments

buddha wants you to know that even though ‘life is suffering’, drink acai

and you probably think i made that up, right?  "not just a berry, a lifestyle…" but no dear readers, it’s the actual motto from the acai roots company.  i definitely would have been so berry much more clever.

and do you see that glass being lovingly cradled by the buddha?  it contains pure potent purple goodness. what you’re looking at is an acai pulp berry smoothie that will allegedly, among other things – improve your sex drive.  it’s one of the most powerful and nutritious foods known to man, and widely acknowledged as one of the richest anti-oxidants available.  i could go on about the high levels of omega 3 and 6 as well as the amino acids, not to mention all the fiber… but i’ll leave the thorough research in your capable hands.  bottom line is that DR. OZ gives it the big thumbs up.  need i say more? 

i’ve also seen it in the drink section of ‘whole foods’, being touted as the superfood to end all superfoods.  it’s as though they’re screaming the accolades of this brazilian berry across the globe.  Drink. This. NOW.

so last week, before i left for LA my friend angela gave me a big frozen container of acai pulp – the creme de la creme of acai.  blended with a banana, fresh blueberries and some ice cubes, it became a really nice spring breakfast for a few days running.

please excuse the fact that i breathed while taking this photograph without a tripod…

so, while i’m on the west coast not eating anything worth mentioning, the memory of this smoothie is actually pretty damn appealing. i plan on ordering a few containers and seeing if i notice… well, anything…

but ummm, do you think that just a little side of bacon would affect the ‘sex life’ perk?

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