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yes. it’s true. there it is. and it doesn’t have to be beautiful. because when you are "THAT FREAKIN AWESOME" looks just do not matter one little bit. unless you’re a woman.

this ice cream is brought to you by michael ruhlman who told michael symon who inspired david lebovitz. or something like that. but no matter who told who – from here on in it is now all mine. and i would just like to ask you, dear readers – just one thing. how in the hell could you ever possibly improve on this? you can’t.



the coffee ice cream was david lebovitz’s recipe (plus one extra egg yolk) from ‘the perfect scoop’.  it’s a great book, go buy it. because the warm weather is approaching and it is time to make fabulous ice creams and sorbets and david will teach you how.  his blog has the post regarding the candied bacon ice cream which of course includes the process of candying the bacon.  except i wound up first doing it his way and then feeling the need to redo it the next day with another batch of bacon, a very different way.  because i was striving for perfect pig candy.  and my first batch was kinda lackluster – probably my fault – but i learned and moved forward with the second batch while the first batch now sits in my freezer anxiously waiting to get mixed into some sweet potato pancake batter. now there’s a reason to live…

so, first i put the bacon on a rack over a sheet pan with some foil – shiny side down at about 350f and let a fair amount of the fat drip off – about 10 minutes or so – although the ‘niman ranch’ bacon i used was not very fatty at all – for bacon. then i removed it from the oven and coated one side with brown sugar and placed it back on the rack and let the sugar caramelize on the meat for about another 10 minutes. then i removed it from the oven and spread another sheet of foil over the drippings and placed the bacon candied side down and sugared the second side – same deal. once that was done i removed it from the oven and cooled it on the wire rack. it was more steps then i’ve seen done – but it came out flawless – and while the bacon was getting candied, i was making the custard for the ice cream.


needless to say. it was a hit.

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