a flight of blended soups

October 22nd, 2007 · 22 Comments


3 soups in one day?  ambitious?  perhaps.  but i was hell bent on getting through this mountain of produce that was somehow all mine.  and soups are a good way to go when faced with an overbearing bounty.  i opted first for the bittman pear zucchini, then a riff off an aubergine soup i’d seen that i refer to as mediterranean eggplant and finally a buttermilk butternut squash creation that was inspired by JO (you know who you are…).  even in a baking recipe, i rarely can follow along verbatim although i did stay loyal to mark.  mark, i hang on your every ingredient.  you are so my kinda cook.


the pear in the zucchini soup is more subtle than i expected.  it gives it a certain mellow sweetness and flavor that marries well with the zucchini.  it’s a sautee of onion, carrot and potato, the latter giving it it’s creamy texture – and of course pears and zucchini.  a lot of zucchini…  i opted to serve it room temperature as i felt it brought out the flavor of the pear more.  to finish i sprinkled this soup generously with fresh chopped mint. 

there is not one zucchini left in my house.  thank you jesus.


next up was the eggplant soup.  a quick sautee of shallots and garlic in olive oil and then the diced eggplant is added to the pan on low heat.  cook this down for about 30 minutes or so and then add salt and chicken stock.  cool it down, transfer to a blender and puree until it’s smooth.  then add it back to your pan along with the juice of half a lemon, full fat greek yogurt and chopped parsley. 


i opted to top this with the suggested gremolata and added a fine chop of tomato for color and flavor.  i saw it presented with a healthy slice of buffalo mozzarella – one of my favorite cheeses in the world – but i opted to keep it lighter.  the original recipe also calls for butter and cream.  and i’m sure it’s amazing.  but this version was meant to be a bit more lean while still staying big on flavor.


and last, i love butternut squash.  which is lucky for me because before i began this soup i had 8 of them in my house.  i am currently down to 4.  i like to think of this as progress.  i diced a few of them up and they were added to a sautee of onion and garlic.  i added chicken stock and seasoned with fresh thyme, salt and pepper. 


i let the squash soften and after cooling down, pureed the mixture with a cup of buttermilk.  to serve i garnished with a swirl of greek honey and some fried sage leaves.


and i’ve got to hand it to cary, a truly good boyfriend who not only shopped with me, took a bunch of the final photo’s AND cleaned the entire kitchen – but he ate 3 bowls of soup for dinner.  happily.

and that right there deems him a keeper.

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