heidi’s lentil soup

January 22nd, 2008 · 2,260 Comments


i could just say "thank you heidi" and then give you the link… because anything else is really superfluous here – but since we haven’t chatted in awhile i thought i’d hang around and shoot the breeze.

’08 has had a rough start. one of my cats, chet – a sable burmese – got injured to the tune of $2500, i cancelled a 3 week trip next month to brazil because i just couldn’t swing it, a big annual seminar that i run each year was not as well attended as in the past due to our scary economy – speaking of which the democrats are at each others throats already which makes me nervous that the country will get nervous and lean towards the republicans. and although i have little control over such most things i am concerned enough that i got a big honkin’ cold sore on my face which i believe is large enough to warrant its own zipcode. just thought i’d share… but then on the lighter side of life there is this fabulous lentil soup that you need to make. i’ve gone through three batches in two weeks and will make my fourth tomorrow. it is quite simply, "just right". and it takes 20 minutes to prepare. i use a teaspoon of spanish pimenton in mine to give it a smokey depth, along with some chili flakes for just a touch of heat. i also use a full bunch of chard, probably more than heidi’s recipe calls for but i like it. and as we all know, everything is much better with a poached egg on top – although i also made her saffron yogurt sauce and it was divine. it’s what’s for lunch – or dinner. home alone – or even if friends drop by. this lentil soup is absolutely wonderful.


below, the saffron yogurt version – which looks remarkably similar to the poached egg version:


totally a favorite – a new staple to make over and over and over.

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