when life gives you duck fat…

March 17th, 2008 · 860 Comments


make fries… but please note that if you were heston blumenthal* – world renowned, 3 michelin starred chef of ‘the fat duck‘ you would do this:

Heston Blumenthal’s Triple Cooked Chips

  • put a pot of water on to a bare boil
  • cut the potatoes into 1/2 inch strips
  • simmer until just cooked through – you don’t want them to fall apart
  • remove with a slotted spoon – place them where they can drain and dry in the refrigerator
  • when they’re cool place them in�peanut oil�that’s heated to about�250 f
  • fry but don’t let them color – remove from oil, drain�and place back into the fridge
  • when cooled, fry them again at about 375 f until browned
  • drain, season and serve

(*i am not heston blumenthal – not even a little)

and wouldn’t you think that a guy with a restaurant called "the fat duck" would fry his potatoes in duck fat? go figure.

and on another much more bizarre note, harold mcgee* – molecular gastronomist extraordinaire says that horse fat is the way to go for the #1 best fries.

(*i am not harold mcgee – not even a very little)

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