3 greens, sweet potato and chorizo stew

October 29th, 2007 · 708 Comments


eating down the house.  continued…

i read a fair few blogs and am constantly inspired by these people who understand food so well.  it certainly makes cooking easier on me.  tonight i riffed off one of my all-time fave blogs, smitten kitchen and enlisted a touch of help from minimally invasive (orange zest/pimenton = wow).

i bought one large yellow onion along with 3 organic valencia oranges for zest.  everything else was in the house.


i sauteed the one big onion and the last of my small ones in some olive oil.  when they were about to brown i added the chopped sweet potatoes, the last of my fresh sage, the zest of 3 oranges, niman ranch chorizo sausage, and a mixture of turnip, red russian kale and collard greens along with a litre of chicken broth – in no particular order.  i salt and peppered to taste and then added some (magic) sweet smoked pimenton.

the sweet potatoes and greens were all from my csa.  i used quite a bit of both.  but somehow, i still have more…  they are reproducing overnight.  like rabbits.

it was a one pot meal.  and really, this was so good.  but so very, very good.  in fact, surprisingly excellent.  a bonafide winner!

i’d love to go on about it some more but i am tired and have to wake up early…


ps – i can’t say it was a stoup.  i just can’t…  way too rachel ray on the lingo for me.

Tags: greens · pork · potatoes

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