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November 30th, 2007 · 1,348 Comments


i’m in the midst of changing the look here at ‘ceF’ and well, this brings up a lot of issues of ineptness on my part.  because writing and cooking – and having a life outside of writing and cooking is already an interesting challenge.  but then throw some major technology my way and i am truly at a loss.  seemingly huge blocks of my life go missing and next thing you know i’m in a panic and wishing for an intrevenous xanax drip.

so i’ve come to rely on mark edwards over at Simpler Computing!.  he’s a virtual miracle in my life these days because i call him up and tell him what to do – and he does it.  and he’s so nice to me.  and he loves to cook.  mark speaks all those code languages fluently.  (hi mark!)

did you notice i’ve got a new banner?  it was designed by amy roth, the author of one of my favorite food blogs ‘minimally invasive‘.  besides being an adventurous cook, a fine writer and an excellent graphics designer, she’s also a gifted photographer and i am really drawn to how she sees things.  a sincere and grateful thank you for her interpretation of how i envisioned the site and what i felt might work.  i wanted to convey a modern clean vibe.  she nailed it and i’m loving the new look.

i’m just now starting to get up the nerve to use cary’s nikon d70 and i’m in the dangerously embryonic stages of learning what buttons do what in order to get a result that i might like.  i just got a new 50mm lens and soon i hope to get a flash – and a tripod.  and well, the time has come to take the photos up a notch.  so please bear with me through the learning process.  this is very new territory – aperture, f-stops, lighting, depth of field…  yikes.  it will be interesting to see what i can capture through a lens once i get the basics down.


i also want to take a moment to thank all of you out there in the blogosphere who drop in on occasion to see what i’m up to.  ‘ceF’ has added a very cool dimension to my life and i’m so grateful to all of you for reading and commenting.  cooking and eating have always been a serious passion for me and so to be able to share it in this way feels like i’ve stumbled upon something just a little magical.  the ‘FRET’ aspect of all of this looms larger than life for me at times – hence the rare capitalization – and i include those specialized posts because i know i am not alone in this struggle to maintain a reasonable weight.  i try and lead a healthy life with a solid dose of decadence.  it is a slippery slope, no doubt.

so on this december eve, i find myself wondering what i might cook this weekend.  i want to keep it light – but it’ll be something new.  something different. 

i’ll be sure and let you know.


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