seared foie gras with poached pears, shitake and blue cheese

January 7th, 2008 · 11 Comments


new years eve. first course. a lightly salted 1" slice of hudson valley foie gras alongside a pear poached in vanilla infused cranberry cherry juice with a squeeze of lemon – then filled with a sauteed shitake blue cheese mixture. a friend of mine had this winning combination while on holiday and decided to recreate it for the big night. i’d never actually tackled a whole foie gras. it was interesting – as in the deveining process, and liberating to know that i could do it. i could make kick ass foie gras. i mean it’s really quite easy, if nearly impossible to screw up. we put a cast iron skillet directly on the grill so as not to smoke up the house. it couldn’t have worked better. it was crisp on the outside and still rare in the middle. personally i don’t like it too underdone. too mushy for me. but this was smooth and velvety. and rich beyond rich. and the accoutrement’s were just wonderful. this is the epitome of decadent food and the four of us each had thirds. seriously. three. each.


and it was definitely worth every fat gram…

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