sheer ‘BLiS’ with sweet potato pancakes

December 23rd, 2007 · 10 Comments


i know just what you’re thinking… you look at this and you wonder, where’s the bacon? and really, i’d have thought the very same thing. and i even had some speck in the freezer and bacon in the fridge – and well, i just didn’t. because this was dessert. and yes, i know what you’re thinking now too. but i forgot to make/buy some vanilla ice cream. apologies all around. hey. wow. i just this second thought about a chocolate with bacon ice cream served right alongside this dish. chocolate would be good here … and i’ve heard ‘ruhlman‘ talk about maple bacon ice cream – but i already had the maple thing covered. and i am saying C.o.v.e.r.e.d. enter: BLiS


BLiS Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup is aged in specially selected twelve to eighteen year old single barrel bourbon casks. The intense flavors of butterscotch, vanilla, charred oak and the seductive bourbon take maple syrup to new heights. Celebrated chefs around the world use this unique product, and of course it s one of Oprah s favorites.

ok. feel free to scratch that last line, but DAMN! what a friggin description! and i too have had ‘BLiS’ in a few high end restaurants over the past two years in little bits on various meats and desserts. but never have i had a bottle to call my own, to use unabashedly on whatever turned me on. the makers produce whatever they produce and then it gets sold and you wait for the new batch. twice i got caught in the availability grey area, and i am just telling you that this is one of those instances when to perservere is worth it – and using more ‘BLiS’ really is – more. and much more is aok too. and here is where i may disappoint you. my pancakes are not "homemade". i’ve talked about one of my guiltier pleasures before. bruce’s sweet potato pancake mix. this storebought, pre-packaged product is a big hit around here. cary loves it. it’s even close to rice pudding in his book although he prefers the stuff in its lesser (imho) waffle format. and now i ask you this, i mean does EVERYONE who writesthesegreatblogs i read – do you all EVER just grab a mix? cause i don’t. except this one. and you should too. i get ours at ‘the fresh market‘. just add water. love it. next time with chocolate bacon ice cream. or at the very least, ‘BLiS’ whipped with ricotta cheese and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

pinky swear…

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