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March 11th, 2008 · 20 Comments

cary2.jpg so i plug my #’s into the random number picker website thingee and ask it to pick 2 numbers between 1 and 55. it kindly spits back 49 and 44 and i excitedly go to see who those numbers correspond to because of course i have my favorites and i’m really only hoping it’s going to be YOU… but lo and behold, the first winner #49? i check and it’s cary. and i think oh gawd. this is NOT good. at all. why you ask? because to begin with, cary is my live-in boyfriend who has only ever commented maybe twice in the history of ceF and is just not allowed to win because 1/even if he would EVER cook this (or any dish besides oatmeal) in a million years – which would be as likely as me deciding it’s time to sing karioke (roughly about the same time as when hell freezes over), i just couldn’t bear another explosive mess in the kitchen – and 2/i’m sleeping with him – that fact right there being from here on in an immediate disqualification to this and all future contests and thereby automatically preventing him AND the cats from declaring any prizes. and then there was #44. the lovely jaden of jaden’s steamy kitchen. and this is too weird. jaden just ran a contest. and i was a winner. and i got the idea to run this contest because of that contest. and then she goes and wins mine. and well, on some kind of ethical level this too is NOT good. so i made the executive decision that jaden and cary ‘s wins were weird ass flukes and i’m going to do a "do-over". and no one can stop me. because it’s my blog. plus you would never know anyway because it’s not like pricewaterhouse does the work and then hermetically seals the results in an envelope, or anything like that. it’s just me, dear readers… so i hit the random number picker thingy website again. and… jadenjoy.jpg

my eyes close in on #23! and it’s joy from joy of cooking! a homey! a patissier at a local market/restaurant called marche with an excellent reputation! and we can finally meet! i will save on shipping! she’s even half mexican! it seemingly couldn’t happen to a nicer gal!!! excellent. but that #44 sure does sound familiar. yep. jaden again. all i can say is that this woman must be karmically desperate for mole… ok ok jaden. the universe is sending you mole and i am just the messenger. so jaden and joy you have ceF’s sincere congratulations for your incredible skill and deftness in posting comments. especially jaden. i would also like to add that after all of this, i am awarding a third prize too. it goes to #30 – michelle from thursday night smackdown, who asks the age old question, "where the fuck do you get avocado leaf?". well michelle, this is your lucky day. you get it from me. the goddess of avocado leaf. and i am sending you an avocado leaf of your very own. seriously. for you. BUT HEY NOW LISTEN UP!!! because michelle’s comment was so incredibly real – and moving as well as inspiring, i have decided that anyone who entered this contest who would like an avocado leaf to call their very own will now have their flora dreams come true. because dear readers, here at ceF, everyone’s a winner. that’s right. you heard me. you’re a winner. yes you are. ok now gather round. biiiiig group hug. so all those with any interest please send me your snail mail addresses at and your doorstep will be graced with an avocado leaf. signed, goddess of the avocado leaf (aka gaL) ps – in celebration – there will be cake tonight for all of you…

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