the metamorphosis of the eggplant tapas

August 30th, 2007 · 2 Comments


people of the foodie blogosphere, i present to you – a mediocre photo of the perfect round festive finger food – and hey – get this… it was not ever really meant to exist.  you know, like some good version of the perfect storm.  due to what was circulating out there in kitchen land, it just happened to come together – just so…  and in stages.

now i realize it doesn’t look like much.  but let me tell you about this little fella and how he came to be…

when i was cooking for one, and before the days of ‘alone in the kitchen with an eggplant‘, i used to on occasion buy these luxurious looking deep purple shiny footballs.  and i’d pretty much do the first step below and call it dinner.  but what i am about to describe to you right here and now is both the bonafide and the virtual evolution of the little hors d’oeurve that could…  so put on your reading glasses and hold on tight.  wait, what’s that you say?  you’re only 30?  good gawd…

1. the eggplant – from my csa share – was small in stature, perhaps 8 inches long so the thinly sliced rounds were just the perfect size.  i put them on my large grill plate that stretches across 2 burners on my stove, as many as i could – lightly olive oiled and salted – and browned them.  that was good enough for me.  i begin eating.  magically delicious.

2. but half way through my eggplant, i realized that right in my fridge was the roasted tomato sauce that i’d made the day before from all the little red and yellow tomatoes – from my csa share - cut lengthwise and roasted in my oven at 250 for 2 hours with just some maldon salt and fresh pepper.  after they cooled i had put them in the vitamix along with some really good olive oil and a touch of sugar.  the flavor was shockingly good.  especially atop the eggplant rounds.

3. and just when there were maybe only 5 rounds of eggplant left, it hit me!  i had a primo batch of frozen pesto that i’d made awhile back.  not wanting to defrost all of it, i threw the ziplock in the microwave for about 20 seconds until the edge thawed slightly and i broke a chunk off with a knife.  and man was that a good idea…

it was an eggplant’s crowning glory.

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