nyc 2.08 part 4

February 23rd, 2008 · 9,565 Comments

friday since my morning was pretty much all about getting my hair cut and colored, and i could go on and on about the place and my team of guys and how they are incredibly talented at what they do and how i have given up on letting anyone in nashville touch my hair – blah blah blah… instead i’ll choose not to bore you, and we’ll just go straight to lunch, ok? because really, this lunch was to be spectacular – on two different levels. so after the coiff, i took the bus at 56th and 5th straight down to 26th street and made my way the one block to madison ave.

a voce‘ was jennifer’s idea. yes, THAT jennifer. you know, ‘last night’s dinner‘? the incredible food blog that makes you want to crawl through your monitor and into her brooklyn kitchen and just watch her cook night after night. you get the distinct feeling that jennifer takes her cooking seriously – and that most of what she does is deeply considered and that her dishes are weighted against both experience and experiments. this food blogger understands the individual elements of recipes in some kind of inherent way that i never will.

but i can surely recognize greatness -and jennifer is a great cook. a natural.


sooooo, i’ve been sucking up to jennifer for quite some time now in the hopes of meeting her. my last trip she was (ahem) "too busy" for lunch – but this time around i was able to get to spend the afternoon dining with her at one of my new favorite restaurants of all time. i requested that jennifer order for the table and she decided on 3 anti pasti and 2 primi’s, forgoing the secondi offerings. i conferred with her choices and then we were off…


(a perfect salad of radicchio, frisee, prosciutto, pecorino sardo and black truffle)


(grilled octopus with peperonata, arugula and lemon sauce)


(duck meatballs with a dried cherry mostarda)


(homemade pappardelle with lamb bolognese and sheep’s milk ricotta)


(spaghetti with pancetta, cabbage and pecorino)


(bombolina alla toscana ~or~ custard filled doughnuts with chocolate sauce)


(this was me, not jennifer…not proud…)

for the record,  a voce, with it’s one michelin star, was- imho – the clear winner over blt market, insieme and anthos. i realize this is based on only one meal at each place and that i am partial to a more rustic italian style of food. but there were no ‘just ok’ dishes. everything was a standout. the preparation was impecable and the flavors popped. a voce won me over, bigtime. but undoubtedly the best part of this stellar lunch, was sharing some wine and stories with jennifer…

i am such a fan.

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