wild fennel pollen dusted pork tenderloin

November 3rd, 2007 · 10 Comments


about a month ago i bought some tuscan wild fennel pollenand it’s been on my mind to break it out. last night it premiered in my kitchen. did you hear about it? because it was very exciting – if one is so inclined to feel that way about such things…

like my spanish smokey pimenton,the fennel pollenwasquite the find. for me, these spices fall into the ‘totally transforming’ category. and as couples go, wild fennel pollen and pork are justthe perfect match. they were meant to be together. they bring out the best inone another. it’s sheer harmony anda beautiful thing – all at once. hard to top that.

so listen up because i’m only going to tell you once. 3 ingredients. fennel pollen. salt. pepper. you’re done. and some pork and olive oil. i bought a 1 lb. tenderloin and asked the butcher to butterfly it for me. just take the 3spices using equal amounts and rub the mixture into both sides of the meat and let it sit for about an hour. then i rolled it up the short way and tied it with butcher string.


for the vegetable sidesi decided uponsome roasted brussel sprouts and csa butternut squash, along with eggplant chips – my latest greatest way to use my seemingly never ending supply of these. i used the pale purplechinese eggplants (fromthe csa), slicing themon the diagonal. the 3vegetables were alltreated lightly with nothing butolive oil, salt and pepper. just enough to bring out who they really were – and probably would continue to be were youto decide to replicate this down to earth vegetable vibe.


the pork sliced in a cool kinda spirally way that can’t help but lull you into a false sense of momentary chefdom. and then you wake up and plate the rest and delight in your rustic, simple dinner.


metaphor’s for life, they’re everywhere…

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