seattle – the ridiculously long overdue post

November 28th, 2009 · 30 Comments

capitol hill/12th avenue in seattle

this shot was taken on our short stroll from having cocktails at the very cool tavern law, to dinner down the street at lark.
the photo is 100% untouched and to me, it’s ever so slightly unexpected, and perhaps even a little bit beautiful…

it’s been over 2 months and i’ve not said a word about seattle which is just wrong of me for two reasons because, well, i really liked that city – and i can honestly say that i’m glad i flew the entire 47,001 miles to see it. oh, it wasn’t that far? really? because it kind of felt that way. i’m telling you… seattle? it is way the hell across and up there. all the while i just kept thinking, man, i could have flown to portugal…

so there was the distance thing – that, and who can remember where i went and what i did 8+ weeks ago? but in the name of blogging and my own personal sanity, i am going to try and recreate the 5 days. it may be a struggle, but as of late i’ve taken to doing brain-challenger exercises so that i can perhaps put off the alzheimers for a little while longer. i even went so far as to download a few of the ‘brain apps’ on my iphone, and now i sit around trying to exercise my brain – which on the upside only requires sitting, even laying down! all this to say, that between google, credit card records and my newly toned brain – i’m going to seriously try and figure out where i went…

i worked the rate at the W to where they were almost paying us to stay there… i’m such a good jew

our first day, we walked from our hotel way up to stumptown on capitol hill and had a pretty exquisite cup of coffee. i realize stumptown hails from portland, but regardless of seattle’s own coffee reputation – we were highly impressed with this place. from there we hopped on the bus to the international district and went to green leaf vietnamese restaurant.

one of a few of the stumptown’s in seattle. great coffee. seriously. go there if you can…

iphone camera alert !!! spring rolls along with a cabbage chicken salad – excellent…

pho – best i’ve ever had

the owner, a tall, handsome chinese guy, sent out these banana fritters in a pool of rich sweet coconut milk. we bonded as we’re both batali fans.

and from there the trip looked just like this…

friday – pike place market, a prius rental car, and a tour of the boeing plant, then dinner at monsoon

saturday – belle epicurean for croissants, café presse for lunch, gehry’s experience music project, vivace espresso, zig zag cafe for cocktails, nishino for dinner

sunday – pizza at serious pie, ferry to bainbridge island, tavern law for drinks and dinner at lark where i met nancy silverton, crashed her party and gushed all over her. she could not have been lovelier.

monday – lunch at long provincial vietnamese and then we flew home

below are a bunch of random shots. i didn’t take many, but as you know i’ve never been afraid to post a poor photograph on ceF – because i am a maverick.

just some of the flowers at pike place market

the seafood and produce were memorable…

an exceptionally good almond croissant from belle epicurean, just a block from the W

my other car is a llama

yasuko’s flaunts their world famous ‘extra pork’ dish – who knew?

serious pie – yukon gold potato, rosemary and olive oil

pesto, something and something

no idea – but it was great pizza…

in the bathroom at lark, ever so slightly wasted – garnering up the nerve to meet…

my new bff nancy silverton!

and lastly, out on the water on a clear blue sky seattle kinda day.

a huge thank you to brittany, the pie lady, for her various and sundry thoughtful recommendations. and to dolce & nutella who i FINALLY got to meet! and well, she is very cool, really pretty and smart and overall extremely impressive… and i wish she didn’t live on the other side of the continent/universe.

but especially a huge thanks to our wonderful friends joanna and brad who schlepped us all over town and then some. i dearly love and adore you both.

…seattle is far.

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