the blt – a culinary ode to ruhlman (circa 9/09)

November 17th, 2009 · 38 Comments

i realize that this is old news. i mean, any tomato such as the one i used in september is sadly unattainable until three more seasons are behind us. but with all the summer clamor to make the ultimate blt from total scratch – all the while knowing that i was not in the mood to cure my locally sourced pork belly, or grow anything other than my sweet 100’s… i started to get a hefty craving for what is my second favorite sandwich.

and i did it my way – and with a clean conscience. ruhlman inspires me like no other, but as passionate as i am about my food – sometimes i can make do…

a pretty decent loaf of bread, a farmers market tomato, salty smoky benton’s bacon from right here in tennessee, some crisp romaine and my beloved hellman’s mayo.

go here to see how it’s done by the professionals. but damn if mine wasn’t just plain excellent…

(anyone care to guess what my #1 sandwich could possibly be?)

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