the ultimate egg salad

March 23rd, 2010 · 34 Comments

the back story to this salad is so incredibly bizarre that i’ve hesitated to even tell you about it. but i’ve never been much for keeping things on the down low, so let me share with you the abridged version. this was the audition for masterchef, a new reality show coming up with gordon ramsey. and it got me to the next round. which got me to the next round. which had me filling out the 30 page background check, shooting a home video, and writing the requested 3rd person bio. then came the call from the casting director, "claudia, it’s looking really good for you."

then 3 days later i was out.

but hey, that’s show biz!

i have another songwriter seminar happening in my home where i do all the food for 3 days for 15 people.. i’m busier than i’ve been in a long time and there’s just a lot going on in my life right now. but still, i wanted to share with you this salad. mostly just because it was truly excellent.

i had been on the fence about even bothering to audition for the show and made the decision that i was going to do it at 3 pm the day before. this meant i had to get up at 6 am and drive the 3.5 hours to atlanta to be at the viking store ontime. so i used what i had in the house. romaine, eggs, fresh bread, celery, lemon zest and juice, good green olive oil, chili flakes and garlic. the orange strips are bottarga – of course.

the croutons were from the innards of a baguette toasted in olive oil and butter with sliced garlic. when the garlic lightly browned i removed it and used the now chips as another garnish. the leaves were arranged, the lightly boiled eggs were roughly chopped, the dressing of olive oil, zest, juice, fresh minced garlic, chili flake and salt was emulsified and drizzled, and the bottarga was shaved with a vegetable peeler. thinly sliced celery gets added along with the garlic chips and croutons. i’m stressing the obvious here because it’s SO SIMPLE that there’s not much else to say!

i would like to add that bottarga has made my world a better place. i’m quite enamoured with the stuff.

gordon would have loved this salad. oh well…



Tags: eggs · salad

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