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August 8th, 2009 · 26 Comments

what i had wanted to do to mark the opening of this movie was make bouef bourguignon alla julia child – or at the very least whip up a quiche lorraine, the 4th dish that julie powell, the julie of ‘julia & julie‘ tackled on the third day of "the project" those 7 years ago…

but instead i drove 500+ miles due north while listening to the unabridged audio book of ‘my life in france‘, and now it’s somehow past 3 am and i’m back in my pricelined hilton hotel room in the midst of suburbia where tonight alone there were no less than: 2 family reunions, 2 weddings and a bat mitzvah – all happening simultaneously, thereby cementing the fact that cleveland is clearly a happening place.

and already i’ve eaten well. tonight, dinner began with a jumbo shrimp cocktail on ice and then out came a beautifully composed plate – a simply summer salad of sugary corn, crisp green beans, new potatoes, roasted red peppers all placed over some various lettuces. and as if that wasn’t splendid enough, it was daintily topped with strips of crunchy pig ears. the salad was lightly dressed with shallots, olive oil and homemade red wine vinegar accompanied by a thick slice of homebaked bread that had been brushed with olive oil and perfectly grilled. all that, dining al fresco on a not-too-hot summer night in the backyard of people that i truly adore. i’m quite sure julia would have heartily approved – if only for the entire bottle of wine that i managed to consume…

and now, as much as i want to crash, i can’t. because i made a commitment to talk about this movie tonight, and here’s what i want to say…

go see it.

i’ve made it a point to not formally review anything on ceF. it’s a strict policy. but i did want to point you to a few articles that i thought were really well written regarding j & j.


ny times

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the atlantic

we all deeply love and admire julia child, and for all the right reasons. admittedly, i’m old enough to remember watching her show with my mom. i own ‘mastering the art of french cooking’ although i rarely if ever crack it. as you may know, ceF leans heavily towards the italian. yet julia child’s ‘the way to cook‘ is a book i go back to often and i have learned more about cooking from that book alone than perhaps any other.

julia did for cooking in america what garth brooks did for country music. they both brought what they were destined to do, to the masses – and in turn the people embraced them. and if you think that an odd analogy, remember that i’m living in music city, usa…

and julie powell? i love julie powell. i devoured her book 2 years ago. i received it as a gift back when i was brand new to blogging and i found it to be not only thoroughly entertaining but nicely written. she’s got a new book coming out in early december about her apprenticeship at a butcher shop. i’m looking forward to it.

i will tell you that my mom loved this movie. LOVED it. and she’s the toughest critic i know… that’s all i’m saying.

well that, and i really need to go to bed right now.

so – buon appetit!

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(thanks to sony and the powers that be for making ceF the food blog of the day on the official ‘julia and julie’ site. love you. mean it.)

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