“IRON FORK” results (aka… who loves you?)

April 22nd, 2008 · 761 Comments

dear readers, i just wanted to stop and take a moment and tell you how much i  truly appreciated all your contest entries, and even the fact that you take the time to read my little food blog…  and that you are all so nice to me – and well, it never ceases to amaze me that you actually show up to see what’s happening in my kitchen and listen to me go on and on about bottarga, harissa, farro, marrow and whatever else is striking my culinary fancy at the time…

because this whole blogging thing has somehow become a big part of my life, and well – if you, dear readers, had never showed up – then just what would be the point?   so again, thank you.  and so that you know, i adore each and every one of you and wish we could all have one big group hug.  and then i would cook you lunch.  and i would really try to impress you, yes i would.  because after all, a lot of you would have had to travel very far to get your hug – and it’d be the very least i could do…


and you know i’m not big into capital letters – so it had to have been REALLY tough. 

ok – i picked 5…

and the winners are:

comment #6 – klinde – hers was the longest and she referenced the sound of music and well, i know every lyric to every song from that movie and i had the record and played it on my little victrola in my bedroom in forest hills, queens – and so YES i am old…  but it’s not my fault, ok?  anyway – klinde was convinced she was going to win and so i didn’t have the heart to rob her of that fantasy. 

comment #11 – tim johnson – he did lose points for misspelling the word limerick but then he forged forward and really did write a good one… and who doesn’t love a rock solid limerick?

comment #30 – mary – she hit me heavy with the high brow quotes and almost more adjectives and adverbs then any one comment could possibly expect to hold.  something about envisioning herself there on a natural high… i liked the vibeyness.

comments #38, 41 and 42 – cary and sarah – because they double teamed me and then there was that "dirty little food porn secret" reference – and well, it’s hard not to like that in a couple.  at least if you’re me.

comment #55 – richard – because he’s also from new york and he feels my pain…  and if you have to ask you’ll never understand.

if the winners could please email me at cookeatFRET@gmail.com with your addresses, ‘the nashville scene‘ will get these tix right out to you.

so thanks for playing along.  big thanks to the wonderful nashville scene – but mostly dear readers, thanks for being my cyber buddies.

i’m honored.



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