tangelo flan brulee

March 26th, 2009 · 1,292 Comments

the flan was created due to sheer necessity. i had read a post over at ‘the pie lady’ and could NOT get it off my mind. like at all. like i really tried. yet it haunted me. even taunted me, until i could no longer resist the urge. but brittany’s recipe called for the wonderful and bitter seville oranges – and in nashville, that’s a tall order. but i did find a really good looking bag of organic tangelos and well, that was going to have to do.

flan is one of my favorite things. really, it’s just my obsession with all things custardy. but at least flan is just milk, sugar and eggs. there’s no cream or butter to feel all that awful guilt about. yet let me be the one to tell you that these babies still weighed in at about 500 calories a piece, easy. but in their defense, they were pretty big and therefore perfect for sharing. which is what i did. i shared. all 5 of them. yes, i got to share 5 WHOLE TIMES in just 48 hours. doesn’t that show my willingness to be abundantly generous? i freakin’ shared my flan in the name of kindness and calories. 5x. please don’t do the math. i am well aware…

so there were tons of eggs and yolks and milk and sugar and 2 vanilla beans along with the grated rind of my tangelos. and i followed the recipe and well, talk about FRETting. i was getting nervous because i couldn’t get the flan to set. so i switched to convection, upped the heat a bit and within no time flat – they were dreamy.

that right there? 2500 calories. not including the tangelos. and then? divide by 2. because i shared.

i am telling you… so damn good…

but you’re probably wondering why i bruleed my flan. which really, is a very fair thing to wonder… and honestly, it just happened. it wasn’t planned or well thought out. no dear readers, it was off the cuff and original – even spontaneous. and perhaps i also veered partially because although brittany’s flan was my inspiration for this delightful confection – i didn’t want to totally rip off a professional pastry chef who could then turn around and sue me.

unlikely? i’d say so… BUT STILL.

when the flans were unmolded there was still a fair amount of hardened caramel in the ramekins. so i popped that in the microwave for about 40 seconds until it became a viscous molten substance and quickly poured it over the flan. hot sugar really is a wonder.

and i kinda felt like i was onto something…

(grace – totally not FRETing…)

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